Are you visiting Christchurch and interested in going where other photographers are seldom found?

Are you interested in a photographic wilderness experience?

Then please join me in one of the following boutique photo tours:

  • Ashburton Lakes - Full Day
  • Rainbow Valley - Full Day                        Please ensure you wear warm
  • Mount White Region - Full Day             clothing, sturdy footwear and   
  • Lake Coleridge - Full Day                       bring lunch and water with you!     
  • Lake Taylor - Full Day                                   

  • Rakaia Valley - Half Day                              Private tours to other areas
  • Totara Remains - Half Day                         can be accommodated for by 
  • Pier Review - Half Day                                   previous arrangement.

  • Godly Heads Gun Emplacement - 2 hours     
  • Crater Rim - 2 hours
  • Sumner and Taylor's Mistake - 2 hours

All photo tours are subject to change without notice and are strictly NON-SMOKING.

Please click HEREto see a short video  of  what  you  could  capture!

Ashburton Lakes - Full Day
This adventure takes us 600 metres above sea-level into an area full of lakes surrounded by majestic mountains.  Travelling from Christchurch city we move across the Canterbury plains famous for its farming of lamb and beef and supply of grains, into the High Country.  You will see a marked change in the landscape as we move towards the Southern Alps into barren tussock country.  We wind up the Rangitata valley deeper into the mountains where the weather is very unpredictable.  If you are lucky you may capture some of the moodiest landscapes you will ever encounter!

Rainbow Valley - Full Day
This track follows the Clarence River to it's origin, then we cross  Alpine Island Saddle and  start to follow the Wairau River ending at Lake Sedgmere.  Unless closed due to snow you will travel over the highest road in the South Island, famous for the appearance of rainbows.  We leave Christchurch and make our way to the resort town of Hanmer Springs where head up into the Southern Alps.  This dramatic landscape is forever changing and is enhanced by the weather encountered - it looks stunning all year round!

Mount White Region - Full Day
This amazing journey takes us into a region of the South Island that straddles the Main Divide.  We will be surrounded by evidence of NZ's tumultuous past in the form of the evidence left behind of earthquake activity.   There is scarring in the form of crumbling ridges, screes and riverbeds.  You will travel across and down the Waimakariri River to where the Poulter River joins it. Along the way you will visit a high concentration of limestone rock formations not seen anywhere else in NZ!

Lake Coleridge - Full Day
Lake Coleridge is the largest lake in North Canterbury and lies near the Rakaia River.  It is the site of this country's first hydro-electric schemes.  To reach this lake we will travel from Christchurch up Porter's Pass and then make our way around Lake Lyndon.  From here we will continue ending up travelling between the Torlesse and Mt Hut ranges.  Keep your camera nearby as we travel as the light changes rapidly in these parts!

Lake Taylor - Full Day
We will travel up the Hurunui Valley following the Hurunui River. The power and hustle and bustle of the river we follow ends at it's source - the tranquil and serene Lake Taylor.  Lots of opportunity for beautiful landscape images, some slow shutter speed images, culminating on the shore of Lake Taylor.  We even might encounter a typical "NZ Traffic Jam" in the form of sheep being moved along the road!

Rakaia Valley - Half Day
From Christchurch we travel across the Rakaia River where it forms a gorge and then travel along it's southern bank deep into the Southern Alps.  The landscape you will experience will go from pasture land highly prized for it's farming abilities to rougher terrain as we move further inland.  You will encounter stunning vistas!

Pier Review - Half Day
 One of the few non-off road tracks on offer, we travel around the four piers of Christchurch.  We start at the most well known, the New Brighton Pier and visit three others around the city.  Two of which are not widely known - all four have different characteristics and personalities.  How well can you capture them?

Totara Trees - Half Day
We visit the remains of ancient Totara trees high up on Bank's Peninsula.  This is a whirl-wind of a trip where we go from the city, along the plains towards the beginning of the peninsula then travel up a saddle to photograph these remains and the beautiful vistas over which they look.  Heading back towards town, we travel down a 4wd track and then along the edge of Lyttelton Harbour.  Hold onto your cameras for this ride!

Crater Rim - 2 hours
For those who don't have transport or a lot of time but are interested in seeing a portion of Christchurch's environs.  There is no off-roading on this adventure but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to see.  We travel along the crater rim of one of the three volcanoes making up Bank's Peninsula, then travel back to the city via the harbour's edge and over Dyer's Pass.

Godly Heads Gun Emplacement - 2 hours
From the city you are taken along to Sumner then up Evans Pass along to Godley Heads.  Here you can walk along to the gun emplacements used in WWII.  There is a fair amount of walking over rough land so please ensure you have sturdy footwear on your feet!

Sumner and Taylor's Mistake - 2 hours

Travelling to Sumner we will stop and photograph Rapanui Rock - once a reasonably tall tor, now smaller due to the Canterbury Quakes but still photographable!  We will continue to Taylor's Mistake and photograph the surf amongst the rocks.