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About time we updated everyone on our activities!

It was with much excitement that we learnt that Helen's photograph entitled "The Power of Nature - Cracked Rock"  was to be printed in the Photographic Society of New Zealand's 2013 edition of their book "New Zealand Camera" earlier this year. 
This photograph has also been accepted in the first stage of judging and has been selected to represent NZ in an international photographic competition in the nature category.  This competition is known as the Four Nations Photographic Competition and is between NZ, Australia, South Africa and Canada -  We are eagerly awaiting the results which should be announced later in June.
Her photograph depicting Lake Dunstan early one foggy morning has also just recently won a competition entitled "Light Play", as has Early Morning Blue Glenorchy where photographs from all around the country were captured on Easter Monday and submitted!
We are gearing up for our exhibition in a couple of months time - this year feels as though we haven't had a chance to stop and catch our breath.  This is in no way a complaint, just an observation.
There are ample photographic competitions in the wind - we are just awaiting their results and are finding that the tension is unbelievable.  As they say, watch this space!