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Our First Exhibition

Sadly our first exhibition of work has drawn to a close.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who were able to attend.  We would also like to thank everyone for the fantastic comments we received.  A special thanks to the co-operative owners of [email protected] for their wonderful feedback and the support they offered to both of us.
While we were in Nelson for the first week of our exhibition we made a day trip to French Pass.  This was an area that Phill was familiar with but I wasn't.  What a beautiful part of the country - although frustrating!  While navigating through the forest heading toward French Pass I would catch snippets of the view but was unable to photograph them!  Once we reached the farmland at the top of the hill, with every turn I started to sound like a broken record, constantly reciting "wow! look at that view!".
My image entitled "French Pass Farmside Trees" is one of the photographs I did manage to capture although there was a tussle with the strong winds to achieve a sharp shot.
We spent a pleasant time photographing the area before we felt it was time to go back to Nelson.  Just prior to departing we stood gazing at the view, watching the water rushing through the narrow gap of the pass totally mesmorized!  When we looked east, however, we saw a sight that you had to photograph to be believed!
Here is the sight that we observed:  A tug boat pulling behind it...an oil rig!  What a sight and what activity - pilot boats, another tug boat and even a helicopter buzzing around.
Last weekend saw us revisit Nelson to dismantle our exhibition.  Further photographs were captured in the area and I am hoping to work on these over the next few coming weeks.
So a huge thanks to the people of Nelson for their support during our new venture!  We are hoping to bring more new and exciting work into the area again next year at another exhibition.  Fingers crossed that we are able to find a gallery with a timeslot that we can work in with.