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Competition Sucess!

I have been struggling with this image for some time - sometimes these things aren't quite as straight forward as you may think!  Once I was finally happy with it I submitted it into a competition - to my surprise and utmost delight it did well!  I have discovered that the more unexpected fieldwork effort that occurs during the capture of my photos the more successful they seem to be.  For example, I got seriously bogged in my gumboots capturing this image of the boat (I was lucky in that my camera was hand held and was not on my tripod - it may have become a permanent feature next to the wreck!).  During the capture of my series of  photographs depicting the old wharf piles that remain in Dunedin's St Clair beach, the tide came racing in a lot faster than normal.  Poor Phill and I had to climb up a nasty bank to escape.  I think the extra effort is somehow captured along with the image at the time!
For those of you who live in Dunedin and would like to see some of my successful entries in the 44th Dunedin Festival of Photography, they will be exhibited from the 10-17 November 2013 at the Community Gallery on Princes Street.  I have been fortunate in that the judges have deemed my entry entitled "Piles Still Standing" a festival honour and gave it Best Otago photograph.  "Broken Friendship" and "Skipper's Saddle" gained Acceptance status and will also be exhibited.  My entries in the Nature category have also been successful but unfortunately when I received these results there has been a glitch in the system - I will have to travel south to Dunedin and attend this exhibition to find out which of my entries has done well.  Any excuse for more travel and photographic opportunities!