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Lake Wanaka's Iconic Tree

Way back in June of this year, Phill had to travel to Queenstown for an installation into a home in Arthur's Point.  After a bit of discussion with the architect, it was decided that this work would be performed on a Friday - this meant that we could make the most of our trip south and stay for the weekend!
In due coarse we set south with Phill's item safely affixed to our trailer.  The journey started very early in the morning and was reasonably uneventful and uninspiring as we were travelling in the dark.  Once we left Geraldine and dawn approached we noticed that the snow on the side of the road was getting heavier.  By the time we arrived in Tekapo the snow stood about a meter deep in some places.  Long icicles were hanging from the gutters of the shops along the main road and in places the guttering had fallen down with the weight of the snow.  The McKenzie Basin just looked stunning.
Lindis Pass saw us slip sliding around some corners as the ice was pretty impressive in some of the deeper recesses.  However, by the time we got out on the southern side the sun was out, and there was no evidence of any ice or snow!
We arrived at Arthur's Point around early lunchtime and waited for our pilot vehicle to come down the hill.  We had been warned that this road and subsequent driveway was worse than a goat track - they weren't kidding.  Thankfully the steering lock on our old Land Cruiser could handle the tight bends - although, because of the trailer, we did have a few attempts at getting the whole kit and caboodle around a couple of these nasty switch-backed corners.  Due to the gradient of the road/driveway/track other trucks had almost found themselves taking short cuts back down the hill and a couple refused to go back up for further deliveries of items.
Our work complete, we were off to explore Central Otago for the remainder of the weekend.  This photograph of Lake Wanaka's most photographed willow tree was taken that weekend.  Here I am exploring further techniques that bring your focus just onto the main subject, the old willow.  I wanted to add a little texture into the background so as to bring some further interest into the image.  No drama behind the capture of this, but it has taken a wee while to get the contrast and feel just right.  This, too, has just been entered into another competition and I am awaiting the results which won't be released until the beginning of next year - a spooky thought!