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Capturing the Mood

Sometimes it's all about the mood when it comes to photography...
Early one winter's morning we decided to head inland to see what was happening around the Ashburton Lakes area.  Home was bleak and grey and threatening to rain.  We were hoping for frost and ice, if not some snow.
Heading along the foot hills of the Canterbury Plains we were lucky enough to see the cloud part, and the mountains finally appear.  The image above was captured, and you can tell that it was quite an early winter's morning alright from the beautiful blue colouring.  Unfortunately for us the Ashburton Lakes weren't putting much of a show on for us photographically.
Not long after that trip we knew that we would get some "weather" towards and passed Lake Coleridge.  With picnic basket in the back, nestled in amongst warm, wet-weather clothing and the camera we headed back inland.  I know nothing about the names of clouds (by that I mean their type) but reckon the ones captured in this image are pretty impressive, even if I say so myself!  They were swirling about, but the wind at our level wasn't that bad.  We decided to high-tail it out of there before things got too bad and we got stuck!