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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all - hard to believe that we are nearly at the end of the first month.
As usual, we managed a lot of travel this year, although planning this turned into a nightmare.  The weather was the culprit, and normally one to relish the challenge of inclement weather and head out into it with a camera, Helen struggled on days where 148mm poured down non-stop!
This photograph was taken on one of the days in which we decided to head into Milford Sound.  You can see what we were in for.  It did result in some lovely spectacular water falls and a decision by Helen to purchase a cover for her camera just as soon as we got back home.  The rain was not just coming down in large, heavy droplets but in sheets where it was much easier not have the window wipers going on the windscreen as we drove along - these just added to the splashing!  At the higher altitudes getting over the Southern Alps we even encountered snow falling.  Who would have believed it in the middle of "summer"?
As neither of us had travelled to this corner of the island for such a long time we visited twice so that some photographs of the scenes without the rain, cloud and mist could be captured.  To accommodate the photographs being worked on we have added another tab to the side of our website - rather obvious, I know, but watch this space!
Another portion of our holiday away saw us revisit our old haunt of Central Otago.  Once again the weather wasn't fantastic and you would have had a pretty tough time of it had you decided to camp and use tents - the wind was horrific!  The photograph on the right here is called "On the Valley Floor" and was taken from the road heading into the Nevis Valley just as the sun was starting to make an appearance following yet another rainy patch.  Further into the valley you come across a tin-hut sitting alone at the foot of some rolling hills.  On this particular day it was fantastic the way a weak ray of sunlight tried to spotlight the hut.
Not surprisingly, we didn't really encounter anyone else travelling this route on this occasion.
May the coming year be full of pleasant surprises for you all! 
Helen is embarking on some more study and a tab will briefly appear on this website when she is ready to submit the results of this study for her tutor to mark - you may see the city of Christchurch and the surrounding areas in a new light!  Another new years resolution under way...others to be put in place will see this a busy year!