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Help! I'm getting stuck!

Yes a cry for help!  I am expanding my photographic diploma by completing a module entitled "Landscape and Travel Photography".  Since completing the written portion I have now to embark upon the portfolio portion of this module.  I need to submit a portfolio of images that would be suitable for presentation to a magazine or travel book editor - the images need to be of my town or city, or one near me.  I have to include:
  • a wide angle landscape image (working on this)
  • a night shot (ideally an urban scene)
  • a sunset (working on this)
  • an early morning shot (think I have this completed)
  • an interior shot (see landscape assignment tab)
  • one bad weather image (see landscape assignment tab)
other images are up to me.
Here's what I was wondering...do you have any suggestions regarding the night shot requirement around Christchurch?  We don't have much of a city centre at the moment and I was wondering if anyone knew of any cool, colourful and well lit "gap fillers" around town that I might be able to use?  I passed the Chalice in the square, this morning, but it didn't appear to be lit (maybe I was a little late?).  It also looks like there might be an installation on the corner of Columbo and Gloucester streets(?) that might be lit up at night?
Does anyone have any ideas?  at all?  Please?