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What to do?

On a weekend where the weather was predicted not to be that flash, we packed the truck and headed off to the Lake Sumner and Lake Taylor area.  Not having our big truck on hand as it was  being stored away from home while our damaged concrete was being re-laid, we headed off in "The Shiny" as our other vehicle is referred to.  As you can imagine from the name of it, this vehicle, although very capable of heading into the high country, is our vehicle for "good" and as such is one that we don't want to scratch or ding up (unlike our cruiser).  This meant that we were a little limited in where we could take it.  We did take it toward Lake Sumner as far as the Matagouri would allow - note: it was the vegetation NOT the terrain that saw us stop! Ha!
Along the way we kept coming across stands of dead Manuka trees - not sure if this was due to them becoming diseased or whether for some reason they had been sprayed.  Poor Phill, I stood taking photo upon photo to get the effect that I wanted with a light that kept changing.  I had in mind what I managed to produce but Phill had no idea of what I was doing!  and here is the result:
Once again, something a little different for me.  Love the effect and the colours that I have managed to bring out - what do you think?