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While out running along the forest edge the other day, I got to thinking...we are extremely lucky to be living in New Zealand (those of us who do that is).  All around us we are fortunate in that there is not just one tone of green when we are in the bush, forest, or driving through pastureland.  I do confess...I have this thing about photographing trees - of all things!  Why?  Well, never really delving deep and writing off the cuff here, I think it has something to do with structure, form, texture and colour.  Does that make any sense?  I guess too, they can't run away when they see a lens pointed at them - ha ha ha!

This photo I took depicted on the left is one that was taken a couple of years ago.  I found it while Phill and I were wandering around Bank's Peninsula.  There happened to be a gap in a hedge as we passed farmland - and I happened to be looking at the right time!  Being the great driver and navigator he is, Phill pulled over for me to stumble out, backtrack and take my image.  I have no idea what type of tree this is but it always reminds me of the "Whomping Willow" in the Harry Potter books.  I really, really love the twisted trunk and it was that that made me yell at Phill to stop the truck.

Recently while exploring  the beach I am still referring to as Area 51, I came across this image. 
 I just love the way the worn track looks like it heads off specifically to the macrocapa trees standing on the top of this bluff.  I felt it leant to having a bit of texture added to it so I added in a layer of rock that I had photographed while spending time at Castle Hill recently.  To me, at least, it adds another level of interest to the image with out detracting from the overall subject - the track to the trees.  I have just entered this into a competition and am sitting with my fingers crossed waiting for the outcome.

I wrote about this stand of Manuka trees in a previous blog - a new style for me and not one that I think I will be using a lot but it's always there as an option should the occasion arise.

One of my more recent images is this lone tree standing against an impending looking sky.  I had been looking for a subject like this for some time - if I was honest, it has been years!  I wanted a tree (didn't really matter what species) on a ridge, by itself, slightly elevated and I wanted to photograph it with no stock about and with a moody sky.  Yay!  I finally found one.  Because I have this thing about textures at the moment, I added an overlay of bark to add further interest to the sky and I think it has been successful.

And of course, how could I discuss trees without including my all time favourite - the one to be found on the shore of Lake Wanaka.  We have a trip planned in that part of the country soon and so you can bet we will be revisiting Wanaka's Iconic Willow yet again - poor Phill!

Ah!, trees, where would we be without them?