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Landscape Assignment Ponderings

This year I decided to embark upon some more study, to hone my skills so to speak.  I chose to start with a subject that I felt comfortable with - after all, I haven't done any formal study for a couple of years now.  That's not to say I haven't been perpetually learning, because I feel photography is a never-ending curve of learning.  Whether it be camera techniques and options or post-production methodology.  Anyhow I digress...

I chose Landscape and Travel Photography as my first module of learning.  Turns out the assignment involves compiling a portfolio of images of the town/city in which you live, in a manner that should sell this said place to tourists.

This has been one heck of a challenge - what a time to tackle such a task.  Buildings are still being demolished here because of the earthquakes we experienced three years ago, and the centre of town really does look like a third world country.  Of course I love challenges! and this has forced me to look further afield than just the city centre - and I have burnt up a fair few miles trying to get the shots I need at the right time of the day with the weather and the sun behaving in just the right manner!

Being a city not far from the coast, I have tried to take advantage of the beaches and all that they have to offer for my assignment portfolio.  Here are a couple of examples that I plan to submit:

This image of the New Brighton Pier was taken following the first horrendous storm for the year.  On the night of the storm I could hear the sea pounding, as it still was in the morning when I awoke.  As soon as the sun started to appear, I raced down to see what the sea was doing around the pier - this is the resulting shot!

We have friends that are rather partial to the Brighton area and have just moved into their new home - this was their house warming present from me!

The blue-ish photograph of the rocks and surf to the right here was taken pre-dawn, with a longer exposure.  I love trying to add texture to surfaces and the way the light was hitting the rocks really helped me with this image.  Although I realise blue tends to be a colour that feels cold, I think it works here.  It was a really cold morning! and I think the people I came across thought I was crazy standing out there for so long.  The sacrifices we make!

Everyone living in Christchurch has heard of an iconic rock formation off the Sumner beach - at the mouth of the estuary.  It is officially known as Rapanui Rock but locals used to refer to it as Shag Rock.  The earthquakes shook the heck out of this formation so much that now it is known locally as Shag-Pile Rock.  This is the pile of rocks sitting in the background of this shot - it used to stand a lot taller than this:

Actually this shot has taken forever to achieve - I had to make sure that the tides and sunrise occurred at the same time to achieve the feel and look I wanted.  I had to do this icon justice!