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We have been very lucky - we have recently had a couple of trips away. 

The first saw us revisit one of our favourite parts of the country, Central Otago.  We based ourselves in Queenstown and managed to put a few kilometres on our truck travelling up the Rees Valley, the Dart Valley, the Nevis Valley, Wanaka and into the Maniatoto - all providing fantastic photographic opportunities.  Right on cue, here is a couple of recent additions to my portfolio...

The image on the left here, is the upper part of a waterfall located in the Dart Valley.  The image on the right is the lower part of the same waterfall.  Both pretty spectacular following some rain.

The second trip saw us spend a little time in the McKenzie country.  We based ourselves in Twizel and hoped to be able to take some fish home for our freezer.  Poor Phill tried, and tried, and tried but to no avail!  This only means another trip at a later date, don't you realise?  While there we decided to venture into Mt Cook as we hadn't done this in a while.  I had an agenda:  I wanted to try something that I had been trying to do for a very long time, but kept getting stumped at the last moment.  I wanted to try Astrophotography.  Everytime we ventured into the McKenzie country with this in mind, thick clouds would roll in over the mountains and blanket the sky from early evening and through the night, hiding the stars!  Well, you can't do astrophotography without stars!!!! 
While preparing for the stars to make their appearance both Phill and I were treated to the most spectacular alpenglow that we had seen for a long time...it was so intense that I had to tone the glowing peaks down in my images as they just appeared to look too saturated!

During this time we were also on the look out for any old wooden farm buildings for a photographic competition that I want to enter.  We have driven past this one a number of times but either came across it too quickly to stop and park up safely or the paddock was filled with stock (which we don't want to disturb, and so don't enter fields or paddocks under these conditions).  Finally, the time had come.  For this I decided to process the image in a slightly different way - as a painting...

I love this little hut and wonder at it's history - if only those four walls could speak!