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A while ago we had the opportunity to spend some time on a high country station.  For the sake of the privacy of the owner's I will not name this station here, but should you be willing or interested in hunting on this site I can certainly contact them on your behalf.

While visiting the area, Phill and I were treated to an amazing display of game animals at their prime.  The hills and mountains rang with their roars as it was that time of the year for the stags to find mates.  Coats were glossy, lots of prickles were growing on their heads and they were full of hormones!

Many Red Deer were around and we were also treated to seeing Fallow Deer with their palmar antlers on display.  The stag depicted on the left here, was very protective of his hinds.  When he got my scent he herded them over the ridgeline and out of my line of vision and hence out of sight of the camera and lens!

This guy here is a Fallow which I managed to startle!  Off he ran and I don't think I saw him again - some don't run that far and are happy to watch you watching them from a distance.  This may have something to do with the way the wind is swirling at the time - I'm not sure.

This image is of the same animal as the previous image (the one of the stag running) before I startled him - you can see how close I managed to get to these majestic animals.  The colouring and patterning of the Fellow Deer is quite amazing at this time of the year - they are putting everything on the line to find the perfect mate!

These two juveniles were inseparable from one another which made me wonder if they were twins.  Maybe this is my wishful thinking!  I was allowed to watch them for quite a length of time, to my amazement.  In the end they just wondered away over the ridge of the hill face upon which they grazed.

At the end of the day we were treated to a White Tail fawn.  If you weren't careful s/he would just lie down in the longer grass and you just wouldn't see him/her!  Quite skittish at rustling leaves and small zephyrs of wind.

While all of this was going on, Phill and the station owner went out to feed some of the farmed animals.  Phill was in a farm vehicle, a flat bed ute, sitting on the passenger's side with the passenger's window down as it was a warm day.  The station owner calmly leans over to Phill and suggested that he might like to pull his arm in from the window.  Being the person he is, Phill did as he was told, and just in the nick of time!  The stag in the paddock they were in decided to charge the vehicle - right where Phill's arm had been.  Fortunately he did no damage to either of the boys, but Phill came back a little rattled and with a story for his workmates the next day!

For your information, these images are for sale should you desire also!  Hope to see you in the hills!  Until next time...