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Lights, Camera, Action

Just wondering...what is photography to you?  Is it the light, the scene, the fact you have a camera in your hand, or the action you want to record for memory's sake?

For me it is a mixture of things.  I had planned to write about light and how important it is in enabling you to capture good quality and interesting images.  While this is true, I think photography is using light and your imagination to create.  "To create what?", you may ask - my answer, what you feel the image is telling you to create.  I know that sounds "artsy-fartsy" and I never thought of myself that way.

I am going to try to explain, using an image, what I mean.

The image to the left is the image I started with straight out of the camera (with the addition of my signature and our logo).  I don't particularly like this type of image as it contains man-made and intrusive structures that really detract from the scene.  It was early morning, I had travelled a fair distance to get to this region (the Rainbow Road, located behind Hanmer Springs), and the sun was starting to make an appearance, although it is hard to see here.

Yesterday, I was in a fidgety mood which could also be described as a creative mood as I seemed to be able to think in a different way for me.  Experimenting away I plucked this image out of my database and started to let it reveal what it wanted.  Here is the final result...

I was so very surprised!  I actually like this image and am quite proud of it!  I don't know the definition of "Fine Art" but to me this kind of fits my impression of this form of art.  What do you think?

I have tried some other images but will save them for your viewing another day!