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High Country Photography

I was very lucky at the beginning of the month as I was invited to join a close friend of mine and his photography friends for a few days based in Hanmer Springs.  We were pretty lucky with the weather and although not hot, it proved some great photographic opportunities.

Our first day on the road exploring took us up the Rainbow Road - the name of the road quickly became obvious with the appearance of so many rainbows during our trip.  Here is one of the first photos I took in this region:

You will recognize it from my previous blog post!

As the day progressed so too did we into the valley.  The sun and rain continued to do it's thing by putting on a show for us.  At the top of Island Saddle (coincidentally, this is the highest road of the south island of NZ) this became even more evident.

You can see from this photo what the sky was like.  This image was taken from the top of Island Saddle where you will find a small "car park".  As you can see, it's almost like a desert with only low growing vegetation present.  In winter this is all submerged by a ton of snow so the plant life needs to be sturdy and hardy.

As we were descending the saddle to explore more of the valley we looked across and down from the road and came across this sight!

The pylon wires just stood out against the background so perfectly for a photograph to be taken to capture the scene.

On our return to Hanmer we decided to drop into a hunting hut I have spied a number of times in this area.  Never having had the chance to go into this hut for a nosey because of the presence of others staying there, we had the chance this time.  No one was staying - yay!

Like many huts it had been photographed many times - I wanted to take and treat my photo in a different way.  I took my time in getting closer to the building and ended up with an image I liked - this one here: 

It looks like it has been here forever, and in my mind, lends itself to this type of processing - what do you think?

On the second day we headed into the Lewis Pass area for the day.  The weather wasn't flash with quite heavy rain so we felt a coffee was the order of the day to allow things to come right.  I haven't yet had a chance to process satisfactorily, these images so will have to leave them for another blog!

Before departing for the journey home, we ventured up behind Hanmer again but towards Molesworth Station.  In particular, we took time to explore Acheron House, which is the end of the road for this time of the year.  The hills in this area are spectacular in their form and shape.  This can be seen in the following image.  I loved the folds of the land so much that I had to swap lenses to capture the close up image of the folds.

Next week I will continue the story of our trip into the high country of Canterbury and will hopefully have further images to show you.

Until then... keep smiling and take care!