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Adventure into the Lewis Pass

As promised here is the second instalment about my trip into the high country at the beginning of May.

The day started off quite wet so on we drove to Springs Junction where a coffee was the order of the day.  As soon as the weather looked like it was going to improve a little we headed back towards Hanmer Springs, stopping along the way at both ends of the St James Walkway.

This image is taken at the Cannibal Hut end of the track, and as far as I know, this tarn doesn't have a name but before going off to walk this four or five day tramp, most people have their photos taken by it!

As you can see the weather still hadn't settled very much with drizzle coming and going.  We spent a wee while in this area and then headed to the Boyle end of the track.

This is an image of the Boyle River - it looks like I was standing in the middle of the actual river but I wasn't.  It would have been too swift and way too cold for me to do that!

Seeing as the weather was starting to deteriorate again we didn't spend that much time in this area and soon headed back to Hanmer Springs for another coffee and to relax with the heat pump on and a wine.

Though you might enjoy seeing some other images from the Rainbow Road area, that hadn't been finished when I last blogged...
This one was taken at Acheron House, up the Molesworth Road.  The hills or mountains in this area are quite spectacular.

This crackly old image was taken at the end of the Rainbow Road - well actually the road goes on further but you need a key for the gate a little further on from here and we didn't have it!

I think you can guess that this image was taken inside the old woolshed we found.  The box sitting in the corner is an old wool press used to press the wool into the bales in preparation for being sold.

both these roads require four wheel drive vehicles as the terrain is tough and many campervans, cars etc have come to grief in these areas.  They are only open in the summertime due to lambing and stock and winter road conditions (heavy snow and ice).

Next time...Steam Punk Festival photographs!