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Steam Punked Again

As I have recently been alluding to,  Phill and I have had another Steam Punk experience in Oamaru.  This was almost as spontaneous as our previous encounter.  We had a long weekend and were wondering how to fill our time - or rather where we should go to gather more photographic material.  After a thought we decided to see what was on around Oamaru, the Steam Punk capital of NZ.  We had a day's notice that the Steam Punk Festival was going to be on.  We made plans and headed south! 

The last time we were Steam Punked it was actually the Victorian Fete that was being held in the old precinct of Oamaru.  This, we found out only recently.  Anyhow, when last there we were so enthralled by what we were seeing as far as costuming was going, we overlooked the fact that the Steam Punk Headquarters building was in the older portion of the township.

With this recent visit we spent an hour and a half inside photographing this tribute to Steam Punk - this goblin lamp hangs in the entrance way to this museum of sorts!

Outside the building are all sorts of levers and buttons you can activate by inserting a gold coin and so others did.  All of a sudden you are engulfed by steam, have lights blinking at you and noises breaking the peace and quiet.

Inside the HQ's your senses are bombarded!  Phill stated that this was like walking into his brain - such a scary prospect to me!

We encountered so many clever sculptures, some that were just plain worrying, and lots of videos to try to interpret.  Out in the backyard were lots of interesting sculptures to climb over and have photographs taken upon. 

It really was a difficult experience to try to describe!
Following this, we ventured back outside and amongst the older building of Oamaru.  Although many people were out and about on this gorgeous day, not many were in costume.  I think the Victorian Fete is the day to be present with a camera for the shots that I wanted.  Also, there weren't as many stalls to ponder over.

More of the permanent retailers that work out of this area were present and lapping up the attention, which did make for a few photographs but not as many as I desired.

This, I plan to remedy in November when the Victorian Fete is run again!