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Isn't it interesting what can become of boredom or that feeling that you don't know what to do with the time you have on your hands?

This happened to me not so long ago.  The weather outside wasn't particularly flash and was too cold to venture out.  I had dealt with all that the day threw at me and found that I had time that I hadn't counted on having.

What to do?...

I decided that maybe I hadn't processed all my photos to their extreme from our trips at Christmas time so started to wander through my files to see what I could find.  All of a sudden I came across an image I had started upon but couldn't get to work in the way that my limited brain could envision.

Here is the original file:
As you can see, it happens to be a tree on an amazing set of hills.  Yet again, one of my favourite subjects just waiting to be captured.  That, of course, was done but I got stuck on the processing of this image.  I couldn't visualize the track to where I wanted this subject to end.

I had some thought...what if I tried something completely different - what if I forgot the constraints of processing it to what I thought it should look like and just let it happen naturally...just play!

Here is result number one:
Now, while I quite liked this effect, I thought I might be able to bring this image out a bit further - have some fun, after all, I had managed to get a nice looking image from the original.  Anything now was a bonus!

Here is result number two:
I liked this image too.  It has a different feel about it again!  Now I was in a dilemma - should I have one more go without holding back - go really extreme?

I had nothing to lose!

Here is the final result:
 WOW!  Really extreme and I really like it!!!!!  Orange is my favourite colour so the colour works for me.  It is one of my favourite subjects, so that works for me again.  Impact is something that I strive to get and this certainly has impact, it ticks that box well.

Too over the top?  You be the judge and let me know!  No wrong answers here!