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Digital Photography

I feel so very fortunate to be a photographer in the digital age.  I have to admit, it did take a while for me to convert - this was purely due to the lack of an opportunity to try a digital camera.  But when that opportunity presented itself, I didn't look back at the time.

I have, however, started to look back at my older files.  As a digital photographer, I feel that I am on a constant learning curve - that is about to increase in quantity as I embark upon my second diploma - this one is a Diploma in Digital Photography and will include further processing techniques.

Having recently purchased new software that has allowed me to revisit my images, I have been tweaking them in ways I never could before.  Imagine trying to do this in a dark room to a negative!

Some images I had to leave unprocessed now have a completed life and appear on this website where I never thought they would.

Some images like the one to the left here, I couldn't see working.  In this case, I'm not even sure why I captured this image - I don't normally like farm scenes but having recently processed this one, I have changed my mind.

Here is another image processed in the past, but I wasn't that happy with it.  I could only get it to work in the past, as a monochrome image.

Now this image of old mustering quarters has a real feel to it.  The colour and texture have really improved the emotion attached to it.

If you have read other blogs on this site you will realise that I love photographing trees.  Another subject I really like to capture are bottles.  The image here is another that I was unable to get the full potential out of until now.  The colourings have really come alive...

One last image I want to look at is one of leafless willow trees on one of the Ashburton Lakes.  I was there when the weather was cold, fog was lingering and there wasn't a breath of wind.  Reflections were the order of the day - but I couldn't get the resulting image to work.  Until now...

To observe the full, yet subtle effect, you may have to view this image by clicking on it to reveal the larger version.