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Catch Up Time Again!

I have to admit, it's been too long since I last wrote a blog.  My excuse?  Well, I have many...starting with the most significant - I have become a full time student again.  I am now studying towards a Diploma in Digital Photography which should mean that my post-processing techniques improve.  Up until now I have been relatively self taught when it comes to this side of photography!  We have also been away.  Back to Central Otago, where we both gain inspiration from the views and scenery that we find ourselves surrounded with.  Whilst there I found another tree - actually I knew it was there and had known for a while but the opportunity to photograph it under the right circumstances has only just presented itself.  Here it is...

I have called it "THAT Kinloch Tree".  Everyone who is local to the area will recognise this tree - it has been that well photographed.  It's become an icon of Kinloch, in the same way that the willow standing in Lake Wanaka has.

The ladder that is depicted here seems to always be there, in exactly the same location.  I didn't go to have a closer look but it wouldn't surprise me if it was nailed into this poor tree.  I was lucky in that the day this image was taken, the cloud was low which seemed to emphasize the tree further.  All I needed to do was add a little texture to add further interest and, voila! 

Every week I have to venture out to gather images for various assignments - on this particular morning I could see a sunrise was going to colour the sky so I headed out to the pier not far from home.  Believe it or not, these images were captured only about 20-30 minutes apart.

The image on the left was taken first, just as the glow was beginning to appear in the sky.

A little later that day I travelled around to Sumner to an old haunt...Rapaki Rock.  Here is the result of that wee journey...

Well I'm afraid that's all I have for you at the moment.  I have another assignment due and my first exam!  Eeeek!  Wish me luck!