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It has been a while...

As it states...it has been a while since my last post.  The trouble is, there doesn't seem to be as much time in a day, week, month or year as there used to be.  Why is that?  Is it age?  Or has someone gone about stealing my time from me? Ha-ha!

Since early August my time has seen me studying two diploma papers, Practical Photography and Photoshop for Photographers, at The Southern Institute of Technology.  Boy has this kept me on my toes!  Each week I have been tasked with wading through heaps of study material and then putting the theory into practice by going out and about capturing photographs for submission.  Some have been relatively straight forward (architecture and landscapes) others have been more challenging - just what I need (portraiture).

I managed to really bomb out with my first portrait submission - I was gutted, as I had put a lot of time, effort and planning into what I wanted to do.  Phill has been so patient being my model, even though at times I knew he didn't want to stand there.  He needs a medal for all his support and patience and understanding when the pressure has been on and I haven't reacted very well!

The end of the semester has been marked with the request of a portfolio submission for each paper.  For the Photoshop paper I had to show my skills learnt over the last 17 weeks with a series of themed images.  I had decided to demonstrate my ability with a portfolio of Masquerading Mask images.  This is where Phill is depicted as a mask doing weird and wonder things or found in strange places.  A couple of more involve examples are shown here:

I had thought of trying to show a mask drinking a glass of Pinot Noir - when I attempted this it just looked too gruesome for words!  Back to the drawing board I went.  The full series can be found in the "Just for Fun" tab.

The other paper was a little more conventional - two landscape images, two architectural images, two portrait images and two of my choice.  We were lucky in that when this task was announced we had already booked in to travel to Oamaru for a weekend.  One of my portraits is of the Wizard of Canterbury as he was in a parade we saw.  I decided to push the boundaries and have also submitted the following images of Phill:

Very creative I think, but I guess time will tell with the marking of my works!

There probably won't be a post until we return from our Christmas break - not sure what that is going to entail other than lots of photographs as the opportunity arrives.

Next year I think I will try to blog as I am studying so you can all get a gist of what is going on!