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Putting on a Brave Face

With a New Year Comes New Beginnings

February 01, 2023

With a new year comes new beginnings and exciting opportunities as you can see here from our revamped website.

Fate recently forced my hand, somewhat ahead of schedule - the host of this website transitioned to a different platform which meant that the old website didn't function in the same manner.  To be honest, the number of blogs accumulated with time was starting to have an effect with the inner workings at this end too.

I can't believe the old site was three years old, so definitely in need of a fresh appearance.  I had forgotten in the interim what a consumer of time this task was - anyhow, it's done now and looking sharp!

Other changes for 2 Galleries - 4 Seasons for this coming year include the introduction of two new workshops:

  • Summer landscape photography - we will take you into remote areas not accessible at any other time of the year that few photographers get to experience and onto exciting new private properties
  • Photoshop boot camp - an immersion into the more basic and creative aspects of this wonderful program

These are both boutique workshops with a maximum of six participants only.

An exciting year lies ahead...I realize it's late but...


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