2 Galleries - 4 Seasons

Award winning photography


$495 pp

You will be picked up from Christchurch city and be taken into your choice of one of the following regions:

  • Rainbow Valley
We start by following the Clarence River to its source, cross the Alpine Island Saddle (the highest South Island road famous for the appearance of rainbows) and follow the Wairau River to Lake Sedgemere.

  • Ashburton Lakes
This adventure takes us 600 metres above sea-level into an area full of lakes surrounded by majestic mountains.  There is the potential to capture some of the moodiest landscapes you will ever encounter.

  • Mount White Region
We will be surrounded by evidence of NZ's tumultuous past in the form of earthquake activity.  There is scarring  upon the landscape that takes the form of crumbling ridges, screes and braided riverbeds.

  • Lake Coleridge
This is the largest lake in North Canterbury and the site of the first hydro-electric scheme in NZ.  We travel between the Torless and Mt Hut ranges to reach the lake.

  • Lake Taylor
We follow the Hurunui River to tranquil Lake Taylor.  There are vast opportunities for beautiful landscape images and some slow shutter speed images.

$349 pp

We venture to see your choice of the following once your are picked up from the city centre:

  • Rakaia Valley
We travel across the Rakaia River where it naturally gorges and then along the southern bank deep into the Southern Alps.

  • Pier Review
We start at the most well known pier located in New Brighton and visit three others around the city.  Two of these are now widely known, but all have different characteristics.

  • Totara Trees
We visit the remains of ancient Totara trees high up on Bank's Peninsula.  These remnants overlook beautiful vistas.

$295 pp

We travel closer to the city to see one of the following - your choice:

  • Crater Rim
We travel along the crater rim of one of the three volcanoes making up Bank's Peninsula, then travel back to the city via the harbour edge.

  • Sumner & Taylor's Mistake
We will stop and photograph Rapanui Rock and then continue on to Taylor's Mistake to photograph the surf amongst the rocks.