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These courses are designed for photographers wanting to learn how to apply post-production techniques to images to give them a point of difference.  You will be looked after in a caring, nurturing environment, paced at what you feel comfortable with.

Basic Post-Production for Photographers

  • Basic Photoshop  - $125 pp  for 2 hrs

Demystify the power of Photoshop to get the most out of your hard captured images.  Learn about layers, masking, adjustment layers, cropping for perspective, camera raw conversion, cloning and healing, transformations and a whole lot more.

  • Basic ACDSee  -  $125 pp for 2 hrs

Learn about layers, masking and adjustment layers.

Camera Use

  • Camera Use - $125 pp for 2 hrs

We will go out into the field to learn about apertures, shutter speed, ISO, and other functions your camera has so that you, too, can capture potentially award winning images. 

Advanced Post-Production Techniques

Some post-production knowledge is required for these courses.

  • Composite Imagery - $125 pp for 2 hrs

Learn how to make your own images from individual photographs - includes adding drop shadows and the use of textures.

  • Creative Techniques Workshops - $349 pp full day

Show casing some techniques employed in fine art photography, these courses are interactive enabling you to produce your own fine art photographic pieces.

More comprehensive information can be found under the Creative Techniques tab above.