Photography Through Inspiration and Exploration


Photographic Courses & Books

Helen McLeod has a large number of years experience in post-production techniques and methodologies, and while not professing to know everything, she is willing to share her knowledge and secrets.

If you are not quite so proficient with what your camera's capabilities are, Helen is also available to take you out into the field so that you become more comfortable with your camera and it's workings.

Should you wish to explore the world of Fine Art Photography, then Helen runs introductory workshops covering this topic. Filled with a vast array of techniques these day courses are bound to get you inspired to try your own version of this genre of photography.

Photography Enhanced Through Education

Presented here is an album showing how, before long, you too can learn to enhance your photography so that it can stand out from other images.

Lessons are tailored to your requirements and can be booked to work in with your schedule.

Why Us?

Your guide and tutor is well-known and respected photographer, Helen McLeod. Helen is a Fellow of the Photographic Society of New Zealand, an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and holds a Gold Portfolio Distinction with the Photographic Society of America.

Helen's fine art photography is revered throughout New Zealand. Some of this can be seen in Christchurch at Chambers Art Gallery or Magma Art Gallery, or viewed by private appointment.


Adobe Lightroom is a powerful and feature packed photo processor and image organiser designed to help photographers shoot, catalog, edit, print and publish their images.

Lightroom in all its forms is a powerful program that can help you to get the best out of your photos.

If you are new to Lightroom then this guide book will assist you to start processing your images like a professional.


The keen photographer uses their camera a total of 12 seconds per year.

This sounds like an unlikely statement but when you convert it into an average number of images per year, it works out to be only 3000 images captured.  By taking control of your camera you can spend your 12 seconds per year wisely and ensure the capture of successful images.

It is my hope that this book gives you the confidence to get out there and start experimenting and learning with your camera.

"A camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera".

⎯ Dorothea Lange

To be able to teach someone to see, you first need to learn how to see and to master your visionary instrument. This is where this book comes in. By learning how to master the controls and functions of your camera you have taken your first step in teaching others how to see through your photography.


Had a great 2 hours private tuition with Helen who was just so lovely and welcoming, yet professional and VERY knowledgeable.

Covered all I wanted to learn for now with Photoshop in a simple yet effective way.

Left feeling very happy, great value and will definitely be calling her again in the near future.

Thank you so much Helen.

Sarah P.

Had a one to one workshop with Helen. Just awesome. Learnt so much and can not wait to put it into practice.

Karensa P.