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Award winning photography

Photography through inspiration and exploration

Your guide and tutor is well-known and respected photographer, Helen McLeod.  Helen is a Fellow of the Photographic Society of New Zealand and holds a Silver Portfolio Distinction with the Photographic Society of America.

Helen's fine art photography is revered throughout New Zealand.  Some of this can be seen at Chambers Art Gallery in Christchurch, or by private appointment.

Photo Tours

No matter your level of photographic experience, our tours will assist you to get the most from your photographic journey into exquisite countryside. 

Numbers of photographers are limited to small groups so that your guide can give your her full attention enabling you to get stunning images to remind you of your experience.

Photographic Courses

Helen has a large number of years experience in post-production techniques and methodologies, and while not professing to know everything, she is willing to share her knowledge and secrets.

If you are not quite so proficient with what your camera's capabilities are, Helen is also available to take you out into the field so that you become more comfortable with your camera and it's workings.