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2024 New Year = New Beginnings

photograph of a christmas tree constructed in photoshop
Happy Holidays to all our supporters!

With the beginning of a new year looming, we plan to bring back the blogs of old. Whether tips and tricks of photography learnt over a number of years or just a commentary about what we are doing, hopefully you will find something of interest in the coming months.

But until then, we here at 2 Galleries - 4 Seasons Photography wish to thank you for all of your support. Whether that took the form of subscribing to our "Nearly Fortnightly" newsletter, as a client of our photographic services, a student of one of our courses or workshops, we truly appreciate having you onboard. We can't exist without you and your continuing support.

Finally we wish you a very happy, contented, relaxed summer holiday period. May the weather be spirit uplifting!

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