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I have a confession...not only am I passionate about photography, but I think I am obsessed! Do I care that some may see this as an over the top reaction - no! Why? Because I use this to my advantage...

For me, nothing has the potential to help convey the emotion of the moment in a photograph more than being passionate about what you are photographing. I think this applies to any photography genre or subject. Passion can be triggered by an emotional connection to the subject, or it could be related to the act of photography itself, and how it allows you to communicate your vision and interpret the world around you.

How did I come to the realization than this passion was working away in the background? I started asking of myself some questions and at the same time, other photographers were also beginning to ask similar questions of me.

  • Why do I photograph?

  • What is it I want to communicate?

  • Why am I attracted to this subject?

Once I started answering these I came to the belief that having a better understanding of the emotions and subjects that are triggering your passion is key to creative, evocative compositions.

My passion for my country and it's landscape is about the beauty, freedom, simplicity and spiritual energy I connect to when I'm out in the high country.

Eventually this passion evolved into an obsession for working with my camera and I applied the same rules to everything I had the opportunity to photograph, tuning into the energy of the subject and finding a way to capture that through lighting, composition and timing.

Photograph whatever excites you at the moment, from your own point of view, and work with your passions. As a result your 'style' will naturally develop - it's not what you see, but how you see it.

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